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choreographer / dance artist /artistic director

Irina Demina is a choreographer and dance artist, based in Berlin.

Irina made her dance education in Moscow and Hamburg, graduated from Moscow State Lomonosov University (Faculty of Philology) and received Master degree in Choreography at Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT).

As a dancer she worked with choreographers Xavier le Roy, Jochen Roller, Angela Guerreiro, Soodong Jung, Jessica Nupen, Halla Olafsdottir etc.

Since 2008 she is developing her own choreographic projects and works as a dance artist worldwide ("KLOF. cyberographies of folk" 2022, "Perpetual Myth" 2021, "On the Silver Planet" 2020, "Herbarium LAB" 2019, "Be Water, My Friend" 2017, "Banshee Ragout" 2017, "TRAUMLABOR. *reality check*" 2016, "Accumulalalation" 2014 etc)

For her performances and choreographies Irina has received national and international recognition. In 2021 she was a recipient of Pina Bausch Fellowship. In 2013 won the 3d prize at the competition "The best German  dance solo" in Leipzig. On behalf of various institutions Irina was invited for choreographic residences in Germany, South Korea, Norway, Spain, Hungary, Russia etc.

Her work is inspired by experimentation with body fictions and creation of a performative dialogue between analogue and digital, tradition and technology, fiction and reality, while dancing on the edges between history and modernity, sense and nonsense, seduction and repulsion, (unknown) past and (uncertain) future.

Driven by the interest in the journey of a BODY through TIME and SPACE​ Irina's work is defined by the recognizable dance style as well as visual esthetics.

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Seduced by interdisciplinary approach to the art of choreography,  where a convergence of different media aims at building up a surrounding for constructing fictions and realities.
…a techno-spiritual laboratory for generated futures and pasts….


Photo: Claude Hofer

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