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ON the silver planet/

Auf dem silberplaneten


An intergalactic poetic dance odyssey by “RUBY BUYERS” for the whole family.

Somewhere in a faraway galaxy in a near or distant future the story of the Silver Planet begins. Silverians are exploring their new life forms, facing almost insurmountable challenges and discovering new possibilities. A cosmos of nature and robotics, a blend of the past and the future - in search of togetherness.

#fantasy #stardust #futurium #imagination #avatars #games #friendship #dance #planets #togetherness #molecules #silverriver

choreography/dance: RUBY BUYERS (Beatrix Simkó & Irina Demina)

dance: Irina Demina & Viktória Kőhalmi
sound composition: Steve Heather
costume: Moran Sanderovich
set design: Daniel Dömölky
light: Henning Eggers
mentoring: Gabi dan Droste
dance pedagogy: Fanny Hajdú
Production management: Tammo Walter, Brigitta Kovács
photos: Daniel Dömölky

Supported by The Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg, Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI), National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

In partnership with Tanzkomplizen Berlin, Workshop Foundation Budapest, DOCK 11 EDEN*****, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Wiese Hamburg, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Hamburger Sprechwerk, Theaterhaus Mitte.

Beatrix Simkó is a supported artist of the European Cultural Programme’s Creative Crossroads Life Long Burning.
Irina Demina ist a Tanzpraxis scholarship holder from Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa Berlin.


Photos: Daniel Dömölky

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