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performance installation
Tobias Leira (light designer/stage artist) & Irina Demina (choreography/dance artist)


























































































































"HERBARIUM LAB” is a crossover project by Tobias Leira (stage artist/light designer, Norway) and Irina Demina (choreographer/dance artist, Ru/De), dealing with natural phenomena and the way they affect our sensory bodies. 
May sensory experiences, inanimate phenomena and non‐material substances become source for performing and visual art? 
How can the use of strategies from natural sciences be applied by creating an artistic "Herbarium", where the collection, selection and classification becomes an empirical method? 
How can the scientific phenomenon, like photosynthesis or bioluminescence, be translated into an art context? 
How can choreographic methods be applied to working with non‐material substances? 
How can one create and trigger the experience without reproducing the natural phenomenon? 
HERBARIUM LAB is a sort of poetic embodied mythology, explored from different perspectives and articulated through different media. 

Project is funded by the Cultural Authorities of Norway. 
with a kind support of Pikene pa Broen (Kirkenes, Norway), Collegium Hungaricum Berlin and Performing Arts Festival Berlin.

Photos: Barbara Antal/CHB Rules

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