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 KLOFF in Valdres, Norway

Residency @Fjelldansen/Frikar Smia.




A springar is a running dance in even rhythm or 3/4 time.  It consists of three parts:
The figure dance which is dictated by tradition, a free style section, and the closing section which is also a more standardized style. The hardanger fiddle, a violin unique to Norway, is the most common instrument used to accompany folk dancing, although accordion and another stringed instrument, called a langeleik, are also used.

Rhythm: even, ¾

Music: live. Music accompanies the dance, dancers are in dialogue with musician(s)
Typical instruments: hardanger fiddle, a violin unique to Norway. Or langeleik (stringed instrument)


Spacial arrangement: continuous move counter-clockwise in a circle.
A man is moving around a woman, doing tricks.




Steps: grounded, bouncing, not fast triplet steps

Feet: no specific feet work.
Legs: continuous steps.

Torso: straight. Leaning back for «sliding lift»

Arms: hanging or ne arm up when whirling

Head: no specific head positions. Looking straight or at a partner.


Quality: floating steps (while a male part might be with bouncing quality). Rather relaxed style of moving.
Grounded steps (a female role keeps the rhythm and gives the grounded foundation for a male to do the tricks/jumps etc).

Following role: a woman moves a bit behind, listens to impulses of her partner, a male takes decision when to turn her, she keeps on whirling till he stops her.

When there is a shift to «walz step» it's a woman who changes the stepping foot and adjusts

Mimetic actions: no

Specials (female «tricks»): the moment for the female part to show off is the whirling.

In Valdres area it's called «against the sun», «with the sun» (counter clockwise, clockwise).



Name: bunad/bringedukdrakten

Skirt: long, pleated wool skirt, black or dark blue

Apron: made from wool, linen or calico. A belt is worn over the apron (that is either embroidered or beaded or has brass buckles)

Bodice: made of wool, silk or plush. The bib can be decorated using embroidery, applique, beads, ribbons and lace.
Blouse: white with long spacy sleeves.

Headdress: cap / piece of decorated fabric / folded silk kerchief

Hairstyle: indicator of female marital status. Unmarried – hair is wrapped in a band and tied up in a circle at the crown of her head.

Shoes: flat shoes. Black

bunad fra Valdres.jpg
bunad fra valdres 2.jpg
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