"Dancing memory is composed of a myriad of fragments and tiny moments - like a gesture, a feeling, a smell. It is always detailed, never something general. ... It all has movement potential." (Meg Stuart)

I am inspired and hungrily interested in...

...collective fantasies, utopias, transformative experiences, techno-spirituality, investigation of intense physical and emotional territories, body memory folding and unfolding into movement material, corporeal intelligence, artificial intelligence, body and mind connections, traditions, technology, fairytales,  imagination, pagan practices, folk dances, borders between fiction and reality, storytelling...

...AND also

speed, stillness, freedom, energy, toxicity, karma, gonzo, decadence, ones who have nothing to loose and nothing to be afraid of, cosmos, imagined realities, moon, surrealism, in trash we trust, unicorns, David Bowie, Arizona dream, Yurij Gagarin, accordeon, flesh, magic, smoke, rthythms, vibrations, risks, physiology, adrenaline, games, poetry, challenge, illusions, aliens, faraway galaxies, twisted minds, childhood, fears, sense and nonsense...



Berlin, Germany

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