choreographic research on motion, imagination, intention and respiration-coupled brain activity

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR and WIESE eG-

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 “our personal neural networks merge with global networks to create a new space of consciousness” ( Ascott)

In  the first phase of this research I was interested in exploring inner (altered) states of various movement practices, and how they can be translated into another media with the help of technology.
For 2 months I  have been collecting and analyzing data from an EEG device, visualizing and recording brainwaves activity during various movement dance practices and improvisation scores, interested in a special form of expanded and relaxed attention/state of particular sensitivity/an extended sensorial meditation, when one moves through the imaginary field, paying special attention to subtlety and nuance. This  process can give rise to original movement, new qualities of performative behavious or different ways of investing space based on unexpected types of action. These processes stimulate imaginative  potentialities including  movement previously unavailable or unaccessed.

It becomes an active strategy of transformation and change, that proposes a perpetual self-reorganisation of self and processes of "mutation" capable of enabling the body’s capacity to morph and allowing new and unexpected pathways of performative behavior to appear.

How can a research-creation involving technology can serve to reveal previously unseen, hidden or unusual aspects of the body and performative behavior?

How much do we know about the movements we imagine and, crucially, which are the mechanisms that allow us to expand and control motor imagery?
How can technology help us to expand sensitivities about the art of movement?

How can technological devices extend and reorganize perception for the performer and spectator?


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